Bonus Controllers

What is a controller:

With MP3 Sound Stream Program you can stream audio invisibly from your website, the audio just plays when the page is loaded, but usually you will want to give your visitors control over the streaming.

This is where the controllers come in, they are small Flash movies containing buttons that launch and stop the streaming. Some of them offer extra features such as pause, fast forward, rewind, even seeking to a position in the track and volume control!


You will need MP3ss version 1.25 or above to use the extra controllers. This is because in version 1.27 a change to streaming/controllers was made to allow audio files up to a length of 4 hours 26 minutes to be used.

Standard set:

This set is supplied with the program. Quite a varied selection. Click the link below to check them out. Note there are 47 of them and the page might take a while to download. You would probably not normally have this many audio tracks on a page, but it is possible.

Preview standard set.

Extra set 1:

This includes some nice pastel shaded dished buttons (requested by one of our customers), and a kind of show case button that spins in 3D when it is playing.

Preview extra set 1.

Opens in a new window

Download extra set 1 (105K under 1min with 56K modem).

Extra set 2:

This set has a controller that was written by one of our customers. The programs help gives some instructions on how to do this (for the adventurous). This set also has some buttons with speaker pictures on them, designed by one of our customers.

Preview extra set 2.

Opens in a new window

Download extra set 2 (14K under 1min with 56K modem).

Extra set 3:

This group of controllers (buttons) are mainly found on business and marketing sites. They are square pastel buttons with a play pause and stop button.

Preview extra set 3.

Opens in a new window

Download extra set 3 (14K under 1min with 56K modem).

How to install:

Simply unzip all contents of the file into the programs “Controllers” folder.

Other Info:

If you have any ideas for controllers then please email them to us or send some artwork, and we will try to incorporate them into future sets. Note: you can also use bare output (invisible) from the program, and launch the streaming Flash movie from your own drawn gif buttons! Note also, that as well as controllers the program has “instructions”, start playing or stopped and loop don’t loop.

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