How it works

MP# Sound Stream

In this section we will take you through the whole process to show you how simple this is. While we have made it as simple for you as possible in the background is some pretty impressive computations going on. I have made some simple video instructions for producing and embedding the streaming files. Click here

Open your program:

Once you open the program (mp3ss.exe) you will be presented with this window. The first thing to do will be to choose your audio file in either MP3 or .wav. Next click on the options.

MP3 Sound Stream 1.25 (mp3ss) makes high quality 56K streaming audio from MP3 or WAV files. Select a file and it will create a web page and Flash animations that stream the audio. It uses LAME compression and resource bits to produce very high quality output. The program is written in C++ and runs on the following platforms: Win95, Win98, WinME and WinXP.

You can assign a controller to the output so your visitor can control the sound. We provide a library of 65 controllers and are continually looking for more. If you can use flash then read the short description in the help file to create your own. If you do then please send us them so we can post them on our site and we will credit you with the design.

Click here to view the current controller buttons.

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