Tips and Tricks

How to reduce controllers (buttons)

When you first load your program it will set up a folder called controllers. Many people will not use all the different controllers so you can set up another folder called unused controllers and move all the controllers you do not use into this folder.

If you want to use them in the future then just move them back into the original folder.  This means when you use the options and the controller choice for your project then only the controllers you have left in the controller folder will be able to be sellected.

Adjusting the size of controllers (buttons)

The html created by MP3 Sound contains the sizes of the Flash movies. The sizes are there twice, once for Internet Explorer and once for Netscape. You can change these parameters to resize the buttons.

   Sample Normal

width=80 height=27

   Sample at 75%

width=60 height=20.25

This is a controller with the sizes doubled.

   Bagdad Bogie

width=260 height=64

If you have any good tips and tricks send them to us and we will publish on this page.

Renaming the files

Here is how you rename files so they work. You must leave the extension on the end.

My three files were




I renamed them to




Notice I left the s and the d on the end as these tell how the controller etc works. You will also need to change the names inside the htm file to correspond with your file name changes.

Also I had to change the code in the htm file to testd.swf. Look at my code in the source file.

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